CAD platform

your company's specificities are all adequate responses offered by our structure. 

Brainstorming, research & development, modeling, support for patents (IP), realistic rendering, rapid prototyping, testing and analysis of results are steps that will allow us to reach your goal. Our mastery of engineering tools allows us to study and develop your projects.

Our network of partners and suppliers offers a wide range of knowledge and skills. You will benefit from our responsiveness around a multidisciplinary expertise.

We gather around your project a suitable team and guided by your requests. The optimization of resources is a skill that allows our company to be an efficient partner.

Our experience is built around many years of experience in various fields (Industry, Automotive, Aerospace, etc ..) that allow us to deliver you added value to your projects. Indeed, you'll get a proved methodology and a know-how great qualities. We'll support you in your approach and will offer you the best way to realize your innovations.

Platform used: Solidworks Pro for 2D/3D development and PDM for all the documentation.

INNOTEK SWISS GROUP SA meets your needs in an efficient and responsive environment. Our team offers the flexibility and interactivity required for the realization of your goals. Confidentiality, transparency of costs and benefits depending on